When I first started Artee by sheree back in July of 2020 I was an art page. I sold paintings and drawings and it wasn’t long before I saw a friend of mine making polymer clay earrings! So I decided to give it a go for fun - and ended up really enjoying it! I started going to markets and setting up my own website - however the past few months I’ve been really uninspired to create earrings! 

I had a 1-1 call with @thesmallbusinesshandbook on instagram where she asked me why I made earrings and I couldn’t answer. I literally couldn’t find one thing that I LOVED about it. I knew nothing about the medium!

It was then that we spoke about my passions. I have a degree in theatre design and my “day job” is set and costume design for theatre! This involves a lot of spacial planning - and it made me realise how much I love interior design and home decor - it seemed the perfect fit to move my business away from jewellery and into home decor! 

I’ve always had a passion for decorating - whether that be rearranging my room and redecorating or even spending 100’s of hours building in the sims!

So. Now you know why I’m changing to a home decor brand! I’ll be sharing decorating tips and tricks, styling ideas & partnering up with my sister company @interiorsbysheree on instagram to even give your homes a makeover!

Of course all whilst creating the most beautiful home decor & candles for you all! ✨